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Richard Vallejos is a visual designer and artist, whose work focuses on data and process visualization.

My artwork takes a critical look at the constantly deepening relationship between culture and information technology. In my work, I examine user-interface design, gamification, big data, discretization, simulation, and other computation-centric ideas that are part of our daily experience and culture. Having engaged the concept of computation with subjects as diverse as bathymetry, the card game Set, 18th century garden features, and vernacular architecture, my work entwines archaisms with contemporary technologies, assimilating them into materialized thought-experiments.

In recent projects, these themes are combined into installations that feature data-shaped tensile structures, constructed using the simplest of folk techniques. In these works, a white fabric mesh is pulled and pushed into different shapes by a network of ropes and wooden dowels, directly representing busy visualizations of opposing stress and strain forces, but also, in its balance, evoking a sense of calmness and stability, suggestive of a nomadic tent shelter. The contours of the structure are dynamically informed by a visitor’s interaction with a large data set, inviting visitors to engage in play with, usually, mute numerical abstractions.

While I incorporate a variety of materials, methodologies and subject matter in each project, certain themes are recurrent. My projects interpret and meld abstract and concrete information into formal and experiential manifestations. The subject matter of each work determines the materials and experiences, yet the subtextual question remains the same: how do we reconcile a shift in meaning caused by a shift in technics?

Publications :

H. Logas, Vallejos, R., Osborn, J., Compton, K., and Whitehead, J., “Visualizing Loops and Data Structures in Xylem: The Code of Plants”, International Conference on Software Engineering, 2015.

H. Logas, Whitehead, J., Mataes, M., Vallejos, R., Scott, L., Shapiro, D., Murray, J., Compton, K., Osborn, J., Salvatore, O., Lin, Z., Sanchez, H., Shavlovsky, M., Cetina, D., Clementi, S., and Lewis, C., “Software Verification Games: Designing Xylem, The Code of Plants”, Foundations of Digital Games, 2014.

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